Delafield shooter faces attempted homicide charge in Fargo, North Dakota

NOW: Delafield shooter faces attempted homicide charge in Fargo, North Dakota

DELAFIELD, Wis. (CBS58) -- Police in Fargo, North Dakota had been searching for 23-year-old Nathanael Benton since early Sunday morning, Nov 1. 

Police say he intentionally shot a man in the head. A warrant for his arrest was issued for him on Monday after he was charged in Cass County District Court with one count of attempted murder. Fargo officials alerted residents in the area that Benton was armed and a threat to the community.

Just days later, Benton ended up in Delafield where police say he shot two officers on Nov. 6. He was eventually caught.

“This came in as a resident who saw somebody suspicious in an area where there wouldn’t normally be more people at this time of day, really any time of day, called it in the dispatch center, the dispatch sent some squads, they made eye contact and they sent in a tactical unit," said Delafield Police Chief Erik Kehl.

"We appreciate all the tips. I want this guy, I want him custody and I want justice for what he’s done," Chief Kehl said. 

Criminal court records show Benton has a long list of traffic citations and misdemeanors. The list includes speeding, reckless and exhibition driving and fleeing or attempting to elude an officer.

There is also a misdemeanor listed for preventing arrest/simple assault. Although the status of those cases are closed, Benton is still facing those charges in Fargo.

Delafield police say they are still working to learn how Benton ended up in Wisconsin. They believe he was passing through town.

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