'Defund The Police:' Protesters paint large street mural outside Milwaukee City Hall

’Defund The Police: ’ Protesters paint large street mural outside Milwaukee City Hall

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Sometimes art speaks louder than words, and a group protesters in Milwaukee is hoping local leaders see what they’re asking for.

This mural is right at Water and Kilbourn and has a clear message – it reads “Defund The Police”.

It comes after more than a month of protests in Milwaukee for Black Lives, in the honor of George Floyd and others like him.

“And at the end you’ll see Black Lives Matter and a Power fist," Organizer Jeremy Wilbur said.

These demonstrators, joining against police brutality, are letting their artistic talents speak for them.

“It’s showing the city this is what we want," demonstrator Katrina Knoll said.

“We’re not listing demands. We’re not forcing anyone to come out here. We’re letting them know that we need them to see us," Wilbur added.

And to do that they’re making a statement outside Milwaukee City Hall.

“There’s so many better things that the city can be putting their money in aside from just the police: schools, neighborhoods, things like that," Knoll said.

And, they also want a seat at the table.

“Because it’s very important issues that we all need to discuss and we would like to do so in the city council," Wilbur said.

The group that painted this mural is part of the larger “The People’s Revolution".

They plan to continue marching and doing art until they can affect some change.

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