Debate continues over Menomonee Falls mascot name

NOW: Debate continues over Menomonee Falls mascot name

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- 31 public school districts use Native American mascots, including the Menomonee Falls Indians. 

The school board got an earful Wednesday night from people on both sides of the debate.

Many times at meetings like this, one side of the debate shows up in force. But on Wednesday, public comments were split almost right down the middle.

Parents, alumni and students turned out to have their voices heard Wednesday. 

"It would be a ridiculous and useless amount of money to change an F with a couple of feathers sticking out of it."

"The mascot isn't serving its role as being something that brings our school community together."

The board will decide in November whether their Indians logo has to go, and the district wanted to hear from the public first.

"What I heard tonight was varying opinions from both sides," said Menomonee Falls school board president Faith Vanderhorst.

Some residents said ditching the name would get rid of the Menomonee Falls history.

"The name Indians is a proud, proud thing because we are Menomonee Falls."

But others, including students, say it's time for a change. 

"At its core, this is a student problem, we are the ones who are now bearing the name Indians, and when I go to state level events I am constantly embarrassed by the name, quite frankly."

The process has been going on for months, but was made more difficult recently, when a letter from the superintendent surfaced, saying either the mascot goes or he goes.

Some residents tried to bring it up, but the board made it clear that's not up for discussion at these meetings.

Both sides spoke their mind Wednesday as the board moves closer to a decision.

"It's a big decision that has to be made, and we have to listen to both constituents."

There is another listening session next month, followed by a possible vote in either November or December.

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