Day 2: Second Day of CBS 58 Big Road Trip

St. Louis was a good stop for the first night of the CBS 58 Big Road Trip. Two states are down (Wisconsin and Illinois) with six more to go!

Now that we have been on the road for over 24 hours it is time to introduce you to some of the habits and funny moments from our road trip team. Brian Urbanek, our photojournalist, is the only one to fall asleep in the Big Red Truck (unofficial nickname) and he has fallen asleep twice! Josh Kappers, also a photojournalist, is very skilled at walking and editing at the same time but is also hungry all the time. Bill keeps calling the rest of us donkeys (we're not sure what that's about). And I (Justin) am very small and can fit in tight spaces - this car is like a jungle gym for people my size!

We had a few fun things planned for St. Louis, but unfortunately none of them came to fruition. The first was to take a trip up the Gateway Arch which is an interesting experience, but unfortunately the arch is closed for renovations until March. We were also going to try and convince Rams fans to become Packers fans, but after speaking with a few people it seems like that wound is still too fresh (people here are really, really not happy).

So, it's back on the road heading to the other side of Missouri to Kansas City. We are hoping for some awesome bbq and also talk Super Bowl! 

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