Darrell Brooks returns to Waukesha court; judge grants motion to drop 6 counts

NOW: Darrell Brooks returns to Waukesha court; judge grants motion to drop 6 counts

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The man charged in the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy was back in court Thursday, Aug. 25. Darrell Brooks faces more than 75 charges for killing six and injuring dozens more.

His trial is set for this fall. Thursday's hearing focused on several motions by the defense to dismiss some evidence and charges for Brooks. The discussion helps set the stage for the upcoming trial.

Waukesha Police Department officials shared details about the events immediately after Brooks was arrested on Nov. 21, 2021 -- including interrogations.

"I subsequently did read the rights to Mr. Brooks and he ultimately indicated he was not willing to speak at that time, indicating, 'not right now,'" said Jay Carpenter, Waukesha Police Department detective. 

Brooks' lawyers filed a motion to dismiss an interrogation that happened while brooks was in custody at Waukesha Memorial Hospital because they claimed his rights were violated.

"This was a coercive environment and Mr. Brooks' invocation of his right to silence was not scrupulously honored," said Brooks' defense attorney.

The state disagreed, saying brooks freely chose when to speak with officers.

"I think it was not only the defendant that left the door open when he made that statement but he followed that opening of the door with his own questions to the officers telling them he wants more information," said the prosecuting attorney for the state. 

The defense also motioned to dismiss six counts of homicide by a vehicle with use of a controlled substance. The judge granted the motion, since Brooks is already charged with homicide by use of a dangerous weapon

The judge also denied a state's motion to admit evidence of Brooks' domestic violence accusations before the parade. Brooks is back in court Friday for more discussions on motions.

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