Damaged, looted businesses in Kenosha wonder why protesters targeted them

NOW: Damaged, looted businesses in Kenosha wonder why protesters targeted them

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Business owners across downtown Kenosha are cleaning up a mess after some protesters turned destructive overnight Sunday, Aug. 23. This, after a man was shot by a Kenosha police officer as he walked away near 28th Avenue and 40th Street.

Dozens of broken windows and burned vehicles were found by CBS 58 crews Monday morning, Aug. 24. Business owners say they don't know why protesters took it out on them

"It's horrifying. You know you want to protect the business you’ve built up after so many years," said Lena Postuchow, owner of A Summer's Garden Florist and Gifts. 

Lena Postuchow, who owns A Summer's Garden Florist and Gifts, said he followed updates about the incident and the aftermath on social media, but could do nothing to stop it because police told her it wasn't safe to go downtown. 

"I kept watching, I have a security camera. I kept flipping back to the security camera to the live feed and there it was a woman and a bat," Postuchow said. 

Others like Michael Ferraro, whose wife owns Salon Technique, was woken up by the news of their business being vandalized. 

"My wife’s phone rings and I was like oh my God I have not answer this in the middle of the night something’s wrong and he says, Mike you gotta get down here your windows are broken out," said Ferraro. 

Ferraro said he immediately headed to the business to protect it from protesters who turned violent. 

"We just kind of hung out on this corner all night long," Ferraro said. "Kind of very, very worried because it was very scary." 

Postuchow said she believes there were different groups of people Sunday night; those that wanted to protest and those who wanted to destroy property.

"These people came just to do damage. I don’t think these were the Black Lives Matter protesters," said Postuchow. 

Monday, the community was seen coming together to help clean up. Many stopped to ask if business owners needed help. 

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