Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo Hangs Up Jersey for Broadcasting

NOW: Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo Hangs Up Jersey for Broadcasting


Dallas Cowboys legend Tony Romo is hanging up his jersey for a career in broadcasting.

The quarterback announced the news on Twitter. The tweet says, “I guess it's time to start dressing up."

Romo, a 4 time pro-bowler, says he's excited for the change.

Kathryn Rubac, Romo’s math teacher at Burlington High School, says among his sports achievements there, there were signs of broadcasting potential.

"Tony's always been Mr. Microphone," says Rubac."He was the commentator for the powderpuff football game and was very colorful and the kids always enjoyed it when he’d give a play by play."

Romo use to play on the Burlington’s football team with Mike Ramczyk. Today, Ramczyk is the sports editor for the Burlington Standard Press and will now be joined by Romo in media.

"The vibe I've been feeling from around here is just, this town's very proud of him. And I think they know that he'll do well at his next career of broadcasting just like he did in football,” says Ramczyk.

No word yet on when he will have his first on air appearance.

He is expected to continue living in Dallas for his new job.

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