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Cyber security expert weighs in after man charged with trying to buy lethal dose of radioactive material online

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Former congressional candidate Jeremy Ryan is accused of trying to buy a lethal dose of radioactive material on the dark web.

The dark web is an internet where users are anonymous; computers can’t be identified with regular IP addresses.

That’s led to the dark web becoming a home for illicit material.

“There’s nothing you can’t buy on the internet, thanks to the dark web,” said Terry Gluff, a cybersecurity expert with PC Lan Services.

Gluff says it’s not a place accidentally stumbled into, but for a motivated person, it’s a simple feat.

“You can download it just as easy as any other browser,” he said. “Within a minute, be connected to the dark web and doing things.”

According to Gluff, bombs, chemicals and guns can be purchased. He said it can also be a place for human trafficking or selling hacked credit card account information.

“No one knows who you are,” Gluff said. “No one can find you. It’s very, very difficult. You have to really mess up in order for someone to know where you’re located.”

Ryan messed up in such a way, attempting to purchase the radioactive material from an undercover FBI agent.

He faces life in prison.

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