Concordia student-athlete from Houston area supported by teammates, coaches

NOW: Concordia student-athlete from Houston area supported by teammates, coaches

Classes are starting at colleges across the country and for some students originally from Houston, it's been pretty hard to focus.

At Concordia University Wisconsin some staff is trying to check-in with students who might have relatives affected by the storms.

Carter Kidd is a freshman running back on the CUW Falcons Football Team. He says he was born and raised in Cypress, Texas - about 25 minutes away from downtown Houston.

"At one point I couldn't contact my mom and dad so I kind of freaked out," Kidd said.

"I got a little worried, that's when I started asking questions about it. I guess my parents were trying to keep it away from me as long as possible," Kidd said.

Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that followed was not on Kidd's radar at all when he moved into the dorms on August 15. Since leaving his hometown he says so many people he knows have struggled through the storms including both sets of his grandparent.

"For one set, a rowboat came to get 'em from the front door and they got onto a school bus and they took 'em to a church. And the other ones, they were also rescued by a boat and taken to a shelter," Kidd said.

Head Coach Greg Etter says he tries to focus on the problems of all his athletes but it's hard to ignore the magnitude of the Texas flooding. The topic has been included in post-practice prayers since the storm made landfall.

"We tell our guys, if one of us is hurt then we're all hurt. So, yes, I know that multiple coaches individually have reached out to him. I know that I've reached out to him," Coach Etter said.

"More importantly, his teammates are paying attention to him and letting him know that they care and that they're praying for him. And so, that's what family does," Coach Etter said.

"I didn't really want to say anything about it," Kidd said. "I'm a freshman and I don't really know the coaches too well and he made me stay after a meeting and kind of talked to me. And that's when I opened up to him."

"I didn't know who to talk to," Kidd said.

Both sets of Kidd's grandparents are now okay and have been given food and new clothing from shelters. His parents are laying out sandbags to try to help keep the water out of their home if the water level rises.

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