Customers at a Kenosha Diner Talk Coffee and Politics

NOW: Customers at a Kenosha Diner Talk Coffee and Politics

President Donald Trump's campaign success is due in part to his ability to flip traditionally democratic places in his favor.

"Kenosha County, Wisconsin, which for the first time in 44 years voted republican."

CBS National News came to Kenosha for a special report. They talked to people at a little restaurant called "The Coffee Pot" where political opinions flow like coffee.

"The exposure has certainly brought more of the political buzz talk to our little place here. Even though it's always here anyway," said Janis Barnhill and Julie Zorn, the co-owners of The Coffee Pot.

We were at the Coffee Pot where customers talked about the inauguration and we found some sharply diverse opinions.

"We made a major mistake. Really," said Michael Goebel who was unhappy with the election outcome.

"This is my first time to vote in my life, I'm going to be 55 in July and I'm not ashamed to say that because this is the only time that I've felt compelled to stand up and speak for America and this is my man," said Russel Nowak, a Donald Trump supporter. 

"The day he won I got out of bed and said thank God, I'm old," Goebel said.

So what turned Kenosha County from blue to red? Gayle King and John Dickerson hosted an hour-long special called Change and Challenge: The Inauguration of Donald Trump. You can watch a clip of the special here.

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