Cudahy Police Emergency Dispatcher Resigns after Being Taken Into Custody

A Cudahy Police Emergency Dispatcher resigned after being taken into custody for misconduct. 

According to Cudahy Police, on July 29 the department initiated an internal investigation found the dispatcher took money that was supposed to pay for parking tickets.

The issue came to light, after a man got an overdue notice for a parking ticket he already paid. He went to police, who reviewed surveillance video from the lobby. According to police, the video shows the man pay the $25 ticket, but the dispatcher does not properly put the money in the cash register, and later she is seen putting it in her pocket.
According to an affidavit investigators found numerous other instances of suspicious activity.

On August 3, the matter was referred to Special Investigations Unit at Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office. 

On August 9, the dispatcher was taken into custody. The employee was immediately placed on unpaid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the criminal and administrative investigations. She faces charges of misconduct in public office and theft.

On August 11, the employee resigned. 

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