Cudahy Baby Sitter Admits to Fatally Shaking Baby

A Cudahy baby sitter has been charged with first degree reckless homicide in the death of a six month old baby.

Carrie Heller had been providing care for the baby for three weeks in her home from December to January.

After the defendant was told in jail that the baby died she spoke to police and admitted shaking the baby. She said, “It worked the first time so I thought it would work again.”

She said she shook the baby after the baby fell onto the floor.

When the baby exhibited seizure-like behavior, the defendant shook the baby again.

After shaking the baby, she changed the diaper. The baby stopped breathing and its eyes closed.

She picked up the baby and shook the baby again after the baby was limp.

A pediatrician at Children’s Hospital confirmed the baby sustained a severe brain injury and was not currently exhibiting any brain activity.

The doctor informed the injuries were the result of child physical abuse.

The doctor said the baby was violently slammed, shaken, and thrown just prior to exhibiting seizure like symptoms. 

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