Crossing guard remains in hospital after hit-and-run

NOW: Crossing guard remains in hospital after hit-and-run

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn talked about the hit-and-run accident that left a crossing guard seriously hurt.

“He has been with the Milwaukee Police Department since 2008,” says Flynn. “He’s a true public servant and an extraordinarily reliable employee protecting the children at his elementary school crossing.”

Andrew Tyler, 71, was hit at the intersection of 72nd and Carmen as he was walking to work. That driver left the scene and police are looking for a burgundy, 4-door Buick, perhaps a Lesabre or a Park Avenue.

CBS 58 spoke exclusively to the woman who found Mr. Tyler on the side of the road and called 911.

 It was just before 6:30 Friday morning when police responded to a serious hit and run accident.

“What brought my attention to him were the loud colors,” says the woman who recognized Mr. Tyler as a neighbor.

That woman, who did not wish to be identified, says she was driving to work when she noticed Tyler on the side of the road.

“I said, sir, if you can hear me blink your eyes,” says explained. “I said sir I need to know if you’re alive, blink your eyes.”

The woman says she felt relief when minutes later Mr. Tyler began blinking his eyes.

Neighbors say they would see Mr. Tyler walking to work as an MPD crossing guard.

Neighbors say they see careless driving and speeding in the area a lot.

“The way they drive around here is crazy,” says Donald Stewart, a resident in the area.

That is why the area’s neighborhood watch has placed signs in lawns and near intersections reminding people to slow down.

They say they are even planning on petitioning for speed humps.

During the press conference, Friday afternoon Chief Flynn said Mr. Tyler was still in the hospital and doing okay.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact the Milwaukee Police Department.

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