Cross-country skiers come prepared in snowy, cold conditions

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Don't talk about cold weather when you talk to cross country skiers.  They know how to prepare when the weather gets cold and say a day like Saturday is perfect.

\"This is beautiful conditions, this is great,\" Jim Delwiche said.

Snow and cold winds didn't slow youngsters and adults from a cross-country race Saturday.

\"Gets you outside, keeps you active, keeps you healthy but it's a lot of fun, it's a fun activity and fun thing to do,\" Delwiche said.

Delwiche and his wife, Nan, competed. They also have two daughters who did the kids race. 

\"We try to get them outside at least once a day regardless of the temperatures, although Monday we probably won't have them outside,\" Nan Delwiche said.

Their family loves being outside in the winter.  But it's no secret they come prepared.

\"I always say there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate dress,\" Jim said.  \"You just have to know the proper amount of layers to wear and the proper amount of clothing.\"

John Hallett has skied most of his life.  He's no stranger to being outside when the temperature plummets - but he's always ready.

\"Lots of layers, not too many but lots of layers and wind protection,\" Hallett said.  \"I use an under layer that's wicking so it takes the moisture away from your skin and that helps you stay warm.\"

Many said they'd think twice about coming out in sub-zero temps . For the Delwiche family, it's a way to spend time together enjoying what Wisconsin has to offer.  Plus it keeps the kids away from the TV, phones, or other distractions indoors.

\"I always tell the girls dress like you're standing around in 20 degree or 15 degree weather, you dress like you're going to be active and moving in 15 to 20 degree weather,\" Jim Delwiche said.

Organizer say they would have canceled the event had the temperatures been as cold as predicted for Monday.

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