Critics say West Allis bar promotes rape culture through its name, signage

NOW: Critics say West Allis bar promotes rape culture through its name, signage

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A social media firestorm is brewing over the name of a West Allis bar.

'Walk Her Inn, Drag Her Out' has a painting of a caveman dragging a woman by the hair above its door.

Critics say neither the name nor the image belongs in 2018 because it makes light of sexual assault and promotes rape culture.

"Having something that implies any nonconsensual activity right walking in the door is very irresponsible," said Christine Nell, who is offended by the name.

Nell's friend, Paress Huebner, breathed new life into an old controversy with a Facebook post on Wednesday that attracted dozens of comments and shares.

"I can't believe this exists in our city right next door," Huebner said.

The owners of the bar, Kristian and Diane Plumeri, who didn't come up with the name, are now facing the backlash.

They're open to possibly making a change, but for now, are sticking by it.

"I just don't feel someone's right to be offended is more important than my right to own a business," Diane Plumeri said. "Come on in and check it out. If you find we promote raping and drug use and beating on women, that's not the promotion here nor has it ever been."

Bar regulars will back that up and are happy to tell anyone who doesn't like it to take their business elsewhere.

"The name is not nudity," said Carol Vian. "It's not profanity. It's just a cartoon."

Linda Boehme agreed, saying she doesn't think the name needs to be changed.

"It's been Walk Her Inn, Drag Her Out for 30-something years," Boehme said.

West Allis Mayor Dan Devine told CBS 58 in a statement that governments must remain 'content neutral' and cannot regulate signage. He said it's important for people to send messages through where they choose to spend their money.

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