Critically injured 9-year-old Waukesha parade victim on road to recovery

NOW: Critically injured 9-year-old Waukesha parade victim on road to recovery

WAUKESHA, (CBS 58) -- The mother of a critically injured child in the Waukesha parade attack says her daughter is finally getting back to being herself and healing from critical injuries she suffered that day. 

Leanne Hollingsworth is the mother of 9-year-old Mackenzie Hollingsworth. She is just one of the many victims of the tragic event. Mackenzie is a member of the Waukesha Xtreme Dance Team and suffered from many serious injuries. 

"I mean, it was terrifying. She had a few skull fractures that resulted in pretty significant bleeding on her brain," said Hollingsworth. "That was the first surgery they performed that Sunday night to stop the bleeding." 

Mackenzie also suffered from a broken femur. She received treatment at Children's Hospital, remaining in their care for several weeks. 

"Just watching your 9-year-old go through those types of surgeries at the time.. She was unresponsive and sedated for several days on a ventilator. It was really hard to watch. As the parent, to know it was an absolute monster that caused this, is just heartbreaking." 

Now, Mackenzie is doing much better, working hard each day. 

"Just to see your child struggle through physical therapy, doctor's appointments, learning to walk again and function again. She is definitely getting back to her normal peppy, smiley personality." 

It's an impact felt by so many families and a reminder that kindness can make all the difference in the journey to recovery. 

"Everyone in the community has just been so supportive of Mackenzie and all these kids," Leanne. "I don't think any of us would be here today if it wasn't for the support from the community."

Leanne says Mackenzie will continue physical therapy and take it one day at a time. Waukesha continues to heal together and recover from an unthinkable act. 

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