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Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Jerelle Smith wanted by authorities after woman shot, thrown from moving vehicle

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's like something out of a gangster movie. A woman walks down the street when a car pulls up, strangers force her to get in, and interrogate her about her son. When she doesn't give them the answers they want, they shoot her. In this case, Milwaukee police know exactly who they're looking for. 

Jerelle Smith, 26, is the suspect in the case. Officials say back in November, he and others grabbed a woman off Atkinson Street in Milwaukee. 

When they got her in the car she wouldn't give up information about where her son was. So they not only shot her in the right leg and shoulder, but they then threw her out of a moving vehicle and onto the street near 13th and Fiebrantz. 

Now, investigators are on the hunt for Smith. Milwaukee police say there's more to this crime than what meets the eye. 

"He has a very violent criminal past, he was arrested in 2013 for homicide, so anyone with information on his whereabouts please let us know. Do not try to confirm this individual on your own he is a very violent offender," said Captain Craig Sarnow, Milwaukee Police Department. 

If you know where Jerelle Smith is, or have any information about the crime you're asked to call Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS(8477). Your call is always anonymous and you could get up to a $1,000 cash reward. 

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Philip 146 days ago
Jerelle Smith needs to just give himself up. He's 26 years old & has spent half his life behind bars for violent crimes against others. Jerelle, there really is a better way. Make contact with the Milwaukee Police & set up a time & date when you can turn yourself in. Get your past behind you & change your life around. I know you don't like running around trying to hide all the time. That's no way to live Jerelle. Turn yourself in & change your life around. Go to prison & do your time. While there use the programs available to better yourself &come out being a better person. Stop the pain.
Homer 149 days ago
Penalties for gun violence should be a deterrent, not Demerits and Timeouts.

In 2013, Jerelle Smith plead guilty to Reckless Homicide, received Demerits, and served a Timeout. His victim is still dead.

Jerelle Smith's victim's potential future children, grandchildren, great grandchildren... all will never be born.

Will more Demerits and another Timeout help Jerelle change his ways?

Lawrence Homer 145 days ago
He received 3 years in prison. Not demerits.
OnlyOne Lawrence 143 days ago
3 years for HOMICIDE!!! Wheres the justice for the family in that case? Not to mention he shouldnt have even been out yet to commit this one....3 years leaves no room for rehabilitation for the mindset he has. People get more time for dealing (petty) drugs than what he got for taking someones life.
Homer Lawrence 143 days ago
3 years in prison is a Timeout. The penalty for gun violence should be PUNISHMENT. The penalty for additional gun crimes should be progressively severe.

Gun violence targeting people of color happens everyday in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Police Department solves less than half of these shootings.

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