'COVID has been a roller coaster': Some entertainment venues close during holidays to curb spread of virus

NOW: ’COVID has been a roller coaster’: Some entertainment venues close during holidays to curb spread of virus

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- As different variants of COVID-19 continue to spread this holiday season, those in the entertainment industry are doing what they can to prevent an increase in cases of the virus.

CBS 58 spoke with the co-owner of Boone & Crockett/Cooperage, Emily Dell Revord. She says she and her husband made the decision to close their doors through Jan. 5.

"We have had a lot of people in our service industry that have gotten sick lately. Specifically, in the service industry. It's starting to get a little scary again. We just didn't feel it was responsible for us to be open during the holidays," explained Dell Revord.

Other entertainment venues are making similar decisions. The owners of The Cactus Club say they'll be closed through Dec. 31 to prevent the spread of the virus.

The virus is also weighing heavily on the minds of movie theaters.

Marcus theaters are now offering the option to attend certain films which require proof of vaccination to enter. Guests attending those shows will be asked to present a vaccination card, or a photo of the card, and a photo ID. There will continue to be regular showtimes for these movies as well.

Some say the option makes them feel at ease.

"I brought my siblings so it definitely makes us feel a lot safer. It was the one available at the time I wanted, so it worked out really well," Athena Delgadillo said.

For others, the option doesn't matter as much.

"It's everyone's choice if they want to be vaccinated or not. So yeah, if they required it I would just end up staying home if they wanted to, but if they didn't, I'd be fine with that.

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