Court: Sheriff Exempt from Releasing Immigration Records

Sheriff David Clarke doesn't have to release immigration detainer forms.

That's the ruling from the Wisconsin Supreme Court Friday.

Milwaukee based Voces De La Frontera says it is bracing for secret deportations.

The immigration rights group reacting just moments after the legal setback in the case it filed back in 2015.

The court reversed an earlier decision by Judge David Borowski to release unredacted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests.

Voces calls it a troublesome development, considering the new immigration polices it's anticipating from the Trump Administration.

"If Clarke deputies pull a mother over for a broken tail light and hold her for deportation, the public has no right to know," warned Christine Neumann-Ortiz. "Her children have no right to know."

Voces say it is exploring its next legal option.

Sheriff Clarke released a statement on his facebook page describing the ruling in detail and saying in part:

"It is time for this pro-illegal immigration group to embrace the rule of law in this country as it relates to immigration. Criminal illegal aliens make Milwaukee County a dangerous place to live, work and play. I am committed to protecting the law-abiding citizens of Milwaukee County and will always put their interests first."

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