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Couple grows giant pumpkins in Fond du Lac County

FOND DU LAC Wis. (CBS 58) -- Giant pumpkins are growing in Fond du Lac County!

The Fausts grow the giant pumpkins every year and they the pumpkins are quite pampered. They have fans running to keep the stems cool and dry, and heating coils in the ground to help the pumpkins grow.

"Like this last week, when we had 90 degrees. Pumpkins don't like 90 degrees and they don't like it at 40 degrees. They don't like fluctuation," said Del Faust.

"It's a great hobby. We have made a lot of friends that we made because of growing pumpkins so that is cool," said Julie Faust.

Soon they'll be picked and entered in contests across the state. 

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