Couple charged with wire fraud against Kohl's for over $300,000

A New Jersey couple has been charged with wire fraud by the US District Attorney for stealing more than $300,000 from Kohl's by frauding its' return policy and Cash rewards program. 
Pavan Gurram and Vanaja Gattupalli used 7,955 Kohl's Cash rewards to pay for approximately $257,677.0 purchase, according to the criminal complaint. 
It is believed they manipulated the Kohl's Cash algorithm to acquire the rewards. 
In addition, the couple made purchases between June 8, 2014 and March 22, 2015. Approximated 212 of the 930 orders were returned. They received return cards for $65,689 were issued.
They sold 38 merchandise credit cards for a value of $9,827.69 but the value was only for $974.99. 
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