Couple busted at Mitchell Airport using fake identities

NOW: Couple busted at Mitchell Airport using fake identities

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two people were caught at Mitchell Airport last week after using fake names to travel. 

Court documents say, a Southwest Airlines employee found a wallet on the jet bridge. When they opened it, they found multiple IDs and bank cards, so deputies were called. 

Deputies and employees determined the wallet belonged to a man who had been traveling under the name of John Smith. A woman, who was traveling using a name with initials A.M., was with him. 

The couple was traveling to Detroit from Arizona with a layover in Milwaukee. 

Deputies got on the plane and took the two off, escorting them to be questioned. The man allegedly told the woman, "Don't say anything, babe. They have nothing on us."

After finger printing the two, deputies learned the man was not named John Smith, but was in fact a man named Robert Martin from Michigan. The woman was actually Dallal Farha, also from Michigan. Both have an extensive history of fraud-related crimes, according to a criminal complaint filed in Milwaukee County. 

The complaint states inside Martin's wallet, deputies found seven cards in names other than the suspects. Inside Farha's purse and laptop bake, the criminal complaint states there was a fake Pennsylvania driver's license, numerous cards in other people's names, a notebook with personal identifying information and social security numbers of multiple people, including the people whose names they had used to travel. 

When a deputy contacted the victims, they both said an unknown person had stolen their identity, engaged in multiple financial transactions using their identity, and ruined their credit. 

The two suspects are due in court next week for their preliminary hearing. 

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