Countdown to Tax Day: What experts want you to know

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Tax Day on April 15 is just two weeks away.

Tax preparers in the Milwaukee area are busy with last minute filings.

Paul Wickert with Acc-U-Rite Tac Services, Inc. says tax season started off slow but its picked up in the last few weeks.

He reminds customers, with the new tax law, the withholding tables have changed. Some who have filed and gotten a return say they’re seeing a smaller return than in year’s past.

“What we’re often seeing is that persons taxed, and that’s the part no one pays attention to, the part they don’t get back is much less. They’re leaving less with the government, yet their refund is smaller because they had a lot less taken out of their paychecks,” he said.

According to the IRS, the average American taxpayer got a refund of around $2,800 last year.

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