Council members were not shown full Sterling Brown arrest video

NOW: Council members were not shown full Sterling Brown arrest video

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - New video released of Sterling Brown's arrest surprised Milwaukee city council members.

Council members were shown video of the arrest two months ago, but they say the video released recently that shows more of the officer's actions was never shown to them, and they want to know why.

“Give us the entire tape, let us review the entire tape,” said Alderman Russell Stamper from the 15th District.

The video shows not only the tasing, but also an officer stepping on Brown's ankle, telling Brown he was trying to keep Brown from kicking him.

It even shows an officer laughing about tasing the Buck’s rookie.

“Stepping on a guy's ankle unprovoked, being tased unprovoked, is just careless and callous and just can't be tolerated,” said Ald. Stamper.

Council members were shown video of the arrest months ago, but it didn’t contain everything involved in the arrest that night.

“We got to review the video and all of the footage obviously wasn't there,” said Ald. Stamper.

Chief Alfonso Morales said in a statement that raw video of the arrest was only given to Brown's lawyer. He also said, "The Milwaukee Police Department’s investigation into the incident was internally generated after supervisors within the Department brought it to the attention of the executive command staff.”

Now 10 council members have joined together to demand a change in police training, tactics, and accountability.

“I expect the chief to hold those officers accountable and we will hold the Milwaukee Police Department accountable,” said Alderman Stamper.

In a statement released Tuesday, the council members say they want a full audit of the Brown arrest, including all the video.

They want the findings delivered in a public meeting so everyone can see everything that happened.

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