Council Members Seek Help From Governor on Juvenile Justice System

Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman Mark Borkowski have asked Governor Scott Walker for help in expediting needed changes to reform the system.

According to a media alert sent out by the Aldermen, 

The homicide of City of Milwaukee DNS special enforcement inspector Greg “Ziggy” Zyszkiewicz last week is but one of the most recent in a long line of deaths and violent crimes caused by Milwaukee juveniles and young adults who have been in and out of the juvenile justice system for years – a dramatically broken juvenile justice system

The aldermen are also asking the governor to undertake a thorough audit and eventual reform of the state's juvenile justice system. 

Alderman Donovan said he has heard a steady call from people across Milwaukee that a juvenile justice system revamp can no longer be delayed. “Sadly, our current juvenile justice system has, with few exceptions, become little more than an undergraduate course for violent criminals,” he said.

The full letter written to the Governor is posted below.

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