Could another harsh winter result in another cool spring and summer?

It's no secret; it's been another tough winter.

Last year, the harsh winter resulted in a cool spring and summer.

So now the question is will we see a repeat?

We spoke with residents Tuesday evening at Milwaukee's McKinley Marina who were snapping a few shots of the sunset and ice.

\"Capturing the beauty”, said Milwaukee resident Cheri Johnson. “The ice is wonderful.”

But Cheri Johnson says it's pretty tough to get out every day for such an occasion.

\"Staying inside a lot, but getting out when I can”, said Johnson.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 85.6% of the Great Lakes are covered in ice.

That's up about 15 percent compared to this time last year in wake of the polar vortex.

But still the prolonged freezing temps help formed these Icecanos along parts of Lake Michigan.

With an extreme thaw, you would be walking in water.

But right now, it feels like you're walking on the moon.

Don't get too happy.

There may be a price to pay for the beauty, according to Clarke Evans with the U-W-Milwaukee's Mesoscale Research Group.

\"Lake Michigan has a good influence on the climate here really close to the lake within 5 or 10 miles or so, but on the larger scale, southern Wisconsin as a whole, there are larger scale weather patterns”, said Evans.

According to Clarke Evans, that puts southern Wisconsin in a 50-50 case scenario for another cool spring and summer.

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