Cosby legacy not completely tarnished, yet.

\"In this day and age it's very easy for things that have been smoldering for years and years and years, to catch fire,” said attorney Julius Kim

One joke by a young comedian calling out Bill Cosby for past allegations and a firestorm ensues. Because of the power of social media, the decades long legacy of a man known as being \"America's dad\" has simply crumbled...or has it?

\"I just couldn't believe that the jello man would do something like that,\" Kate Kinsley didn't believe it.

And we we're hard-pressed to find someone who didn't have a little faith left in Bill Cosby. The allegations of drugging and sexual assault go back 20-30 years in most cases, many questioned what took so long for the women to speak up.

\"The guy is old, he's ready you're going to come out and say this? I don't believe it,\" Karen Fritsch said.

For most of the accusations the statute of limitations has run out, so the women will likely never see their day in court Kim says.

\"Some people think that, that lends credibility to their position because they are coming forward without anything to really gain,\"

Even though many of the women admit to willingly taking drugs and alcohol, Kim says they may have still had a chance at justice.

\"The fact that people ingested drugs and alcohol is very commonplace in these situations, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen, that doesn't mean that people don't get prosecuted and convicted of these things.\"

But in the court of public opinion, Bill may not have lost it all.

\"I can't judge him on what everybody is saying until the actual truth comes out,\" Jim Sinkovits said.

Cosby will be headed to Green Bay in April. We called the venue to see if they had plans of canceling the show. They say so far everything will remain as scheduled.

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