Coronavirus infections slow, but more testing needed

NOW: Coronavirus infections slow, but more testing needed

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The rate of new coronavirus cases in Milwaukee has slowed considerably. Officials say at the beginning of the pandemic the number of new cases doubled every two days. Now it takes eight and a half.

City and county leaders said Tuesday more testing is needed to reopen the economy.

"In order for us to really turn the corner, what we're going to have to get to is much more widespread testing, then isolation for those individuals who have tested positive, and then thirdly doing what we can to trace their contacts," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Barrett said the city's safer at home order doesn't expire. He won't lift it unless the scientists give him a green light.

"It's not going to be a politically based decision, its going to be what we feel is best getting through the public health crisis," said Barrett.

"We're not testing at maximum capacity," said Greenfield Health Officer Darren Rausch.

He said there are still limits. While people with symptoms can get tested now, there are still shortages of supplies and personal protective equipment.

"We are continuing to work with our health care system providers to increase that capacity within the county," said Rausch.

Rausch said shortages of personal protective equipment to test people still exist, but are being resolved quickly. The state reports 41,552 people have been tested. 5.8 million people live in Wisconsin.

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