Corey Smith at The Rave

Corey Smith was named one of country music's hottest new artists by Country Weekly and Music Row Magazine and was featured on the cover of Pollstar as a Hotstar Top Artist. He has hundreds of sold-out performances under his belt and a growing, dedicated fan-base whose passion for Corey’s music has led to some of the music industry’s leading professionals shaking their heads in astonishment at his rise as a touring sensation. A pure singer-songwriter, who owns every word of every song in his catalogue, Corey is in a league of his own in the country world and commands the maturity and confidence to connect with crowds like few others can. His newest release, Live in Chattanooga, showcases songs from across all seven of his previous albums and demonstrates how he has managed to evolve stylistically while maintaining a powerful bond with his fans. \"I didn't intend on making this album. It just sort of happened. We pushed record that night and captured a little magic. It's just a stereo mix from the monitor desk, but you can hear the energy in the room. It's unpolished, but that's why I like it. I think fans will too.\"

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