Cooler Winds of Change

It was almost shocking this morning.  We woke up to 70 degree temperatures.  In fact some of us were even near 80.  But now a cold front has changed everything.

It's cooler.  Highs should remain in the 60s with brisk northwesterly winds.  And once the winds quiet down later on today, we'll have temperatures start to fall later this evening, especially with fair skies.  Lows will be in the 40s to around 50, just where they should be.  

We do have the risk for a few showers, especially Thursday and Saturday mornings with several different storm system.  But the chance doesn't look great.  There is a better risk for rain by the middle of next week so stay tuned.  And keep sending your pictures to [email protected].  The fall foliage is just about at peek now. You can send the photos via our free CBS58 weather app as well. 

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