Contract dispute continues between transit union and MCTS

After ATU Local 998 rejected the latest contract from MCTS, both sides want to get back to the bargaining table.  The union sent a letter asking MCTS to come back to the bargaining table, go to arbitration, or "take your chances with the workers you insulted with this proposal."

MCTS says they'll schedule a meeting with the union and the federal mediator in the coming weeks.

"We made numerous, numerous concessions as we've quite honestly done all along," MCTS spokesman Brendan Conway said.  "They've given very little, we've given most of it but we thought we had a deal because they behind the scenes had said 'yeah this is okay'."

Union leader James Macon says this could be solved if both sides went to arbitration.

"The company keeps talking they want something done, they want a fair deal, let's go to court, I'm willing," Macon said.  "Paperwork has been signed, all you got to do is put your name on the dotted line and get it over with."

It's unclear when the two sides will meet again.

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