Voter registration notice mailed to thousands in Wisconsin causing 'confusion'

NOW: Voter registration notice mailed to thousands in Wisconsin causing ’confusion’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- More than 30,000 letters have been mailed out to people in Milwaukee County saying they aren't registered to vote. It's causing concern because some of them are currently registered.

The voter registration mailing comes in an envelope marked VPC. Enclosed is a letter claiming “no one at this address is currently registered to vote,” but officials say that information is wrong.

"Unfortunately, individuals who are receiving this are registered to vote," said Milwaukee County Elections Director, Julietta Henry. "We know that 'cause we've received calls as well." 

The mailer also includes a pre-filled voter registration application.

A viewer, who is registered to vote, contacted CBS 58 saying it's misleading. She's not the only one who got the mailing. 

In the last week, more than 130,000 of the letters were sent to people across the state, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. The City of Milwaukee Election Commission says they have received several dozen calls and emails about them.

"The mailing is done by a third party organization. It was not anything that was done by our office, the municipality in which you live in, or the state," said Henry.

The notices are from the non-profit, non-partisan organization, Voter Participation Center, based in Washington D.C.

"The goal of the election application forms that we're sending is to get more people registered, particularly those who are underrepresented in the electorate,” said Page Gardner, founder and president of Voter Participation Center (VPC).

VPC targets unmarried women and minorities.

The organization says if you're registered to vote and happen to get the letter, just ignore it.

You can check your voter registration status on the state's website, here:

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