Confirmed Dog Flu Cases in Wisconsin

GREEN BAY, WI (WFRV) Canine Influenza, known as Dog Flu, has confirmed cases in Northeast Wisconsin, according to WFRV.

Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory estimates hundreds of dogs have either contracted or been exposed to the virus in Northeast Wisconsin.

Local vets say it's important to keep things in perspective when thinking about your own dog. They suggest thinking of a bad cold and flu in people. It's essentially the same for a dog.  A bad cold like an upper respiratory infection is called Kennel Cough. And like a bad cold, it might actually be the flu.

Signs of Dog Flu are virtually the same as Kennel Cough. They include the following: coughing or gagging, discharge from the nose or eyes, a loss of appetite, and a noticeable lack of energy.

But just like the cold and flu in people, it sometimes you can't help but get sick. Still, there are ways to protect your dog. Humans won't get the virus, but we can spread it. So wash your hands, and use sanitizer. If your dog is symptomatic or susceptible to illnesses, stay home. Consider vaccinating against influenza, but keep in mind that not all dogs need a vaccine. So talk to your veterinarian.

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