Concrete Brought In To Help With Bluff Erosion in Racine County

Mount Pleasant city officials are moving forward with a temporary fix to help prevent further bluff erosion.

Concrete from the Waukegan Airport in Illinois is being hauled into brought to Racine County.

Crews began dumping the concrete at Lake Park around 8 o'clock Monday morning 

"It's just the first step that Mount Pleasant is trying to help so that we don't lose our roads or infrastructure, peoples houses down along here," explained village President Jerry Garski.

For now, only about a dozen residents will have access to the limited concrete. It'll be up to homeowners, engineers and contractors to move it from Lake Park and strategically place it at the base of their property.

Gars says, that the concrete is just a small start too a much larger problem. And he's constantly searching for other fixes.

The playground at Lake Park remains open.

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