Computer Outage Grounds Delta Flights

Delta was hit by a crippling computer outage on Sunday night that disrupted flights around the nation.

The FAA said there was a nationwide ground stop on all Delta domestic flights nationwide but that international flights weren't affected.

"Delta teams are expeditiously working to fix a systems outage that has resulted in departure delays for flights on the ground," the company said in a statement. "Flights in the air remain unaffected."

Frustrated travelers took to Twitter to vent about the outages.

This isn't the first time Delta has experienced technical issues. In August, the company lost power at its operations center in Atlanta early on the morning of Aug. 8, causing computers needed to book in passengers and fly jets to be down for nearly five hours.

The airline eventually canceled about 1,000 flights on the day of the outage and ground an additional 1,000 flights over the following two days. It also agreed to give affected customers refunds and vouchers for future travel.

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