Competency hearing moved for Wisconsin boy, 11, accused of killing his mom

NOW: Competency hearing moved for Wisconsin boy, 11, accused of killing his mom

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The competency hearing for an 11-year-old boy charged as an adult for allegedly killing his own mother was cut short Monday.

The minor has been in custody for about six months and now, he will have to wait until June for a newly rescheduled competency hearing after a new psychologist report brought his competency hearing to a halt.

"He is not competent but is likely to regain competency within a year," said the boy's attorney, Angela Cunningham, to Judge Jane Carroll.

District Attorney Paul Dedinsky, however, disagrees and wanted to show the video of the boy's three-hour long interrogation by police back in November after the alleged murder to prove his point.

"It was alleged in that report that was filed last week on Tuesday that he cannot pay attention for a period of time, or can't sit still, that he was fidgeting and quite honestly, I'm offering the tape to show that he is very capable of maintaining attention, he's capable of asking questions, he remained engaged throughout," he said.

Judge Carroll denied it, and also denied the request for a detective to be cross examined on his opinions of the footage.

"It may be relevant but it's not at this point, where it's premature at this point," the judge said.

The boy's attorneys were concerned that a new report had been filed just an hour before they sat down in court, by psychologist Dr. Karyn Guest-Brey, who was set to testify Monday afternoon.

After a short break, they concluded there was substantial new information they'll need to review closely.

"There are a lot of things that I'm going to need to cross check with the prior report, we also need to give our expert a chance to review the report, there's statements that are in there that we really need time, I can't just sort of crisscross around that too, it actually is very intertwined with the prior report," added Tanner Kilander, the other boys' attorney.

The competency hearing has now been moved to June 23, hoping all experts can testify on the same day after reviewing the newly-filed report.

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