Company that discovers internet breach charges for help

It turns out the local company that warned of Russian mobsters hacking more than a billion consumer passwords, is now charging a 120-dollar service fee to find out if you're affected. That is raising all kinds of questions now about the veracity of that report, and the integrity of Milwaukee-based Hold Security.

\"My company, Hold Security, works on monitoring the cyber criminal underground and trying to recover some of our clients stolen data and also warn our clients before something bad happens to them, before the data goes missing. In the course of this investigation that took 7 months, we were able to research this particular gang and find this staggering discovery,\" said Alex Holden, owner of Hold Security.

When the story first appeared in the New York Times earlier this week, there were few details. No mention for instance, which websites and who might be affected. Consumers then began sounding their own alarms when they discovered Hold was charging  a fee for that information.  The website does claim you will get a 30-day free subscription.

\"It sounds odd to me. It doesn't make a lot of sense as to how he is going to be able to track whether your account has been compromised just by getting your email address and password,\" said Bryan Macklem, branch manager at Milwaukee PC.

Macklem suggest changing your password.

CBS 58's Lila Carrera reports.


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