Company says they'll pay die-hard NFL fan $2K to cheer on their rival

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- This fall, one company will pay one super-fan to betray their team. is willing to pay $2,000 to a devoted fan willing to cheer on their rival for the season. 

That means a Packers fan willing to don Chicago Bears orange and blue, and most importantly, brag about it online for all your friends and the world to see. 

You can't just be a casual sports fan either -- the site wants a "die-hard football fan with a stadium-sized personality."

"We wanna pick somebody who is ashamed to admit that they are willing to do something like this," said Community Manager Kylie Kates. "But you know, cash incentive of a couple grand -- you can do a lot of things with that money."

Applications are open through Oct. 4. The company says they'll select the most enthusiastic candidate to rally for the challenge next month.

You can find the application form and additional information, here

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