Company involved in vaccine supply chain moves HQ from Illinois to Wisconsin

NOW: Company involved in vaccine supply chain moves HQ from Illinois to Wisconsin

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Pharmaceutical packaging company Nosco now makes labels and packages for both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

“It’s been a real joy for our team to be a help, and we can actually contribute to getting people healthy again,” Nosco President Craig Curran said.

Curran said company sales have increased about 10-15 percent since the pandemic began, and the company is moving its headquarters from Waukegan, Illinois to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce said Nosco will bring an influx of good jobs.

“We have a nice mix of high executive white collar jobs, but also high-tech manufacturing jobs as well,” MMAC Senior Vice President Steve Baas said.

MMAC projects Nosco will bring in 350 direct jobs, another 569 indirect jobs created by the project and a total of nearly $52 million in total worker earnings.

Pleasant Prairie village leaders say adding to the benefit is the fact that Nosco's new building has been vacant for two years.

“It’s always good news to hear, right, when we have a facility that’s not being used, and now it’s going to have a good use," Pleasant Prairie Village Administrator Nathan Thiel said.  "And we can see jobs coming to the area.”

The company plans to complete it’s move in late June.

“We’re actually opening up a trailer outside of the building here in the next week or so to begin interviewing and hiring additional employees,” Curran said.

Nosco said some of the new jobs will transfer over from Illinois, while others will be hired in Wisconsin.

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