Community remembers two children lost in fire

Two children killed in an apartment fire on the northwest side of Milwaukee remembered Sunday at a vigil. Firefighters found 6-year-old Marwaun Myles and his 11-year-old sister Makayla Myles  in a bedroom unable to escape the flames.Their mother couldn't rescue them. 

Tragedy struck this family on Friday, but it was obvious Sunday the community was hit just as hard.
Neighbors and strangers showed their support, opening their arms with love. 

 Prayers went up, candles were lit, along with hugs and tears, memories shared.

Marwaun and Makayla's father has come back to the home every day, not believing his children won't be coming back. 

\"I had just took them to the bus stop on Thursday. They were running late. 'Marwaun, Marwaun, wait, don't cross the street,' telling the bus driver, 'Wait don't leave my sons coming!' Put them on the bus and that the last time I seen him,\" said Marvin Myles. 

  It's all still too much for the children's mother who tried but couldn't rescue her children from the flames. She's not alone in her heartache, some of the hardest hit are the youngest. 

Pastor Malcom Hunt says now is the time to for the community to rally around this family.

\"A lot of times we ask God why did this happen?  But we have to remember all our lives are already planned even before were born. So we just have to ask God to be with us. Comfort this family and comfort us,\" he said. 

Hoping to heal the pain from parent to the youngest child.

Here's a link to the family's GoFundMe account:

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