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Community makes plea to end domestic violence during vigil for mother, daughters found murdered

NOW: Community makes plea to end domestic violence during vigil for mother, daughters found murdered


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A vigil was held Monday night for the Milwaukee woman and her two young daughters who were found murdered Sunday, Feb. 16.

The bodies of Amarah Banks, 26, Camaria Banks, 4, and Zaniya Ivery, 5, were discovered in a garage near 47th and Burleigh.

“I can’t sleep at night,” Amarah’s sister said at the vigil. “I’m always going to remember that smile."

Arzel Ivery, Zaniya’s father, is charged with aggravated battery.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales says a homicide charge is coming.

According to police, Ivery argued with Amarah two weekends ago at her home near Sherman Boulevard and Florist Avenue.

Neighbors told officers they heard “three to four large thumping sounds” that sounded like “slamming a person or head against the wall.”

They saw Amarah running barefoot outside, bleeding from her mouth, then Ivery pulling her back inside.

Someone heard Amarah yell “No, no, please don’t kill me.”

A neighbor called 911, but told CBS 58 that officers didn’t arrive until the next morning.

That day, Amarah was reported missing to police.

“I knew something wasn’t right,” her sister said. “I went over there. I banged on that door. I banged on that window.”

Ivery was tracked down in Memphis, Tennessee and helped lead police to the garage and the three bodies.

Community activists at the vigil made an impassioned plea to end domestic violence.

“We’ve got to take care of ourselves,” said Frank Nitty. “We got to check on each other. We got to make sure that when stuff happening in our community we’re going outside and saying I see you. I see what you’re doing to her.”

About 1 in 5 homicides in Milwaukee last year were related to domestic violence.

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Homer 41 days ago
I'm very sorry for the family and surviving loved ones... these little girls and their mother didn't deserve this... How often to we hear this sentiment, not just in Milwaukee, but every urban area where there is a large African American/Black community? Baltimore? Chicago?

Black men represent 6.2% of the entire USA population.

Black men represent 37% of the entire USA prison population.

Black on Black crime/violence is the leading cause of Black men in prison.

Who commits violent crime/murder/rape/carjacking in Milwaukee? Baltimore? Chicago?...

Facts and Statistics are Racist.

There are plenty of White male criminals in prison, 32% of the USA prison population, 31% of the male USA population.

Who does Black on Black Violent Crime matter to? Not the Milwaukee Commin Council, where getting rid of plastic grocery bags is more importan. Not is the Wisconsin legislature, where representives tout getting tough on parking violators.

Who cares? There will be another story for the media to milk for all the agony they can squeeze from a victim's family, then pick up the next story... the media is responsible for the violence by not holding the Black community responsible for their self inflicted violence.

Is it racism to sit back and watch... oh, we can't have this conversation because any conversation about Black violence is racist.

Lawrence 41 days ago
I commend their effort. It is a daunting problem cities all across America face. We are raising lost generations who feel they have no future and nothing to lose. Crime comes as no surprise when jobs and opportunities flee the urban environment for suburbs or foreign lands of cheap labor. Gun violence comes as no surprise when guns are more plentiful than opportunity.
This situation is not of their creation. Blaming the average Milwaukeean for the conditions surrounding them is only avoiding the truth of taking responsibility.
And no hopeful effort is "Useless". That is nothing but crass denial.
JonN 41 days ago
There you have it.. Another useless North side vigil with people standing around praying to an absentee God and doing absolutely nothing except trying to make themselves feel better in a part of the city that knows nothing but endless crime and senseless death after death. People.. Get with the program. If you want real change you have to change it yourselves. Praying isn't going to help you. The people committing these acts don't care about your prayers, your neighborhoods, your families, children, or your God. They serve themselves and only themselves. Even the cops don't care. When the problem was reported to 911 the police didn’t arrive until the next morning. Wake up! Fix yourselves and your neighborhoods.Nobody including God is going to fix it for you.
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