Community leaders and students rally to end gun violence

NOW: Community leaders and students rally to end gun violence

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Community leaders and students are calling for change. They rallied at O’Donnell Park to bring awareness to gun violence.

Those in attendance heard from people who lost loved ones to gun violence. It’s estimated 90 Americans are killed every day and those who came out wore orange to show their support to end the violence.

“I am committed to ending gun violence. I wear orange for Joyce. I wear orange for Jamie. I wear orange for Jordan,” said Khary Penebaker who is a board member of the Wisconsin Antiviolence Effort.

This past Memorial Day weekend three people in Milwaukee were killed by gunfire.

Since the Parkland shooting, it’s the voices of the youth that’s received the most attention. “I walked 50 miles because I demand change because I along with my peers demand change,” said Rufus King High School student Tatiana Washington.

Washington was one of the students that marched from Madison to Janesville rallying for gun control back in March, “I am ready to put the pressure on our nation’s leaders until gun reform is a top priority or republicans and democrats.”

For them the rally to stop gun violence isn’t over, “It has to continue on through all the elections and even through November. It has to continue on, there won’t be any consequence for not passing gun reform unless we show them that and it has to happen at the ballot box,” said Alex Lasry.

National Gun Violence Awareness Day in Milwaukee is Friday. There will be a walk and vigil at the Sojourner Family Peace Center Friday night.

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