Community invited to join new, unified first responders event to remember 9/11

The images from September 11, 2001 are too vivid to forget. Yet, time seems to have faded them into a distant memory.

\"I think it was so terrible, I think people have made a choice at some point to just move on from it,\" said Aaron Lipski, Milwaukee's deputy fire chief. \"As a fellow firefighter, I can't move on from that.\"

So, Lipski organized a ceremony for all those who serve to remember together.

Law enforcement, military personnel and surrounding fire departments will pay their respects at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center. The community is invited too.

\"It's a standing memorial where you can come and go as you please,\" he said.

The Greenfield Fire Department is supporting the mission in more ways than one.

Its selling T-shirts to help Milwaukee Fire raise money for On Purpose Journey. The non-profit raises awareness and empowers those who serve. Each department's logo is on the front, but the back is a symbol of solidarity.

\"I think we all have the same feelings about what happened that day and just to be together, the fire service, the police, we are one big family,\" said Greenfield's Assistant Fire Chief George Weber. \"So it's nice to be with family on those days.\"

A World Trade Center I-beam recovered from ground zero rests at the War Memorial Center. Lipski said the sacrifice it represents should be reason enough to never forget.

He wants the public to have one takeaway from the ceremony.

\"We don't have to walk around in fear because we've got law enforcement, fire services, we have a military with people who are willing to lay it on the line,\" Lipski said. \"And that should make the average citizen proud of their community.\"

The joint 9-11 remembrance ceremony is Friday from 5-9 p.m. at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center. It is free and open to the public.

The We Are One fundraising T-shirts will also be on sale for the community to purchase.

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