Community effort for new car, Jen's Sweet Treats in Cudahy

NOW: Community effort for new car, Jen’s Sweet Treats in Cudahy

Jennifer Clark, a Cudahy bakery owner has raised tens of thousands of dollars in recent years for victims of natural disasters around the country. She helps out in Milwaukee, like holding fundraisers for the families of fallen Milwaukee police officers.

Now there's a new effort to help the woman who has helped so many others.

As the owner of Jen's Sweet Treats, Clark has her hands full.

Her nearly 20-year-old Grand Caravan doesn't make things easier with its long list of problems. "Bad head gasket, the heater doesn't work, the defrosters don't work, it overheats on a daily basis," she said.

Clark uses it for deliveries, but just getting from point A to point B is impossible.

"I got stuck at Southridge Mall yesterday, I wanted to go Christmas shopping and it overheated and wouldn't start."

Those who know and love her, are hoping others will be there for her. They created a gofundme page to raise money for a new car -- one she can depend on.

"I've done work on her vehicle when she was in need, and over time, it's just not an adequate vehicle for her, for her business, and I think as a community we can help her out," said Jamyn Rukavina.

Saturday, Clark planned to use the minivan to deliver gifts and baskets to 17 families in the area, but the vehicle failed her again. She called on others to help her with the drop-offs. 

Clark said she is grateful for the continued support.

"A new car would mean I don't have to worry about it starting at two in the morning when I leave for work or when I go to do my deliveries," she said. "Do I have to pray that once I drop this family off, is it gonna start at the next families house?"

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