Common Council Passes Ordinance for Pedestrian Mall on North 4th Street

An ordinance passed in Friday’s Common Council meeting to create a pedestrian mall along North 4th street.

A pedestrian mall is something the Milwaukee Bucks has said will help complete their vision in the Arena District.

That means 4th Street between Highland and Juneau will close to vehicles but will be open to foot traffic this is all in the area where the Bucks will build their new arena.

While the road will be closed off and used for the arena area, it will still be publicly owned but operated and maintained by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Alderman Bob Bauman did address concerns there may not be enough foot traffic on the pedestrian mall to keep the street closed but says the city will have the option to reopen the street to vehicles if the area does not see the traffic they expect.

There is no word on when the road will close for construction, but construction on the arena is scheduled to begin early this summer.

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