Common Council committee tables recommendation on puppy mill ordinance

MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee Common Council committee has voted to keep a proposal that would ban puppy mills in the city in committee.


During a hearing on Thursday, members only heard comments from those living within city limits because the proposal would affect the city of Milwaukee.


Therefore, those for and against the idea who lived outside of the city, were denied a chance to speak. They were allowed, however, to have someone who did read their statements.


The ordinance proposed by Alderman Tony Zielinski would ban city pet stores from buying dogs, cats and rabbits from puppy mills, or mass breeding facilities.


They would instead have to get animals for sale from an animal control center, animal care facility or rescue shelter.


Zielinski and supporters say these places care more about the welfare of the animals, not just about making a profit.


But opponents like Tiny Tyke's Pet Store in Milwaukee said the ordinance would put them out of business.


Co-owner Darcy Turner said her store gets pets from a state commercial breeder, which is licensed under the law Act 90.


But under the law, Zielinski said animals can still be imported from out of state and his proposal would stop that.


It was the confusion over Act 90 among the committee and it's relationship with Zielinski's ordinance that members decided to table the issue until it learned more about the law.


The committee will take up the measure again next month.

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