Coming up with a severe weather plan for your family

 Part of the goal of the new CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. is to allow for more time for viewers to get practical information they can use.

As the CBS 58 News team reported on the tragedy of the killer tornado in Illinois, we were also able to discuss in depth some serious questions family members need to ask themselves about getting prepared should a disaster strike their neighborhood.

Gary Bell is the Director of Emergency Preparedness for Waukesha County. He says now ,when there is no threat. is the time to come up with a plan of action.

\"People should have a plan in place when it comes to being prepared for severe weather,\" Bell told CBS 58 News. \"Technology definitely has advanced. It's one of the tools we have in place be ready for bad weather.\"

Residents can sign up for cell phone alert by going to the Waukesha County website.

Alerts will automatically be pushed to your cell phone.

\"The biggest thing I've heard people be surprised at is at time of evacuation and you lose your residence and you need shelter, American Red Cross will shelter you and your family, but not your pets. You have to have a plan for your pets and children as well as your elderly parents and yourself.\"

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