Coldest start to June since 2013

The last time it started this chilly in June was five years ago in Milwaukee. The persistent lake wind and easterly flow have brought half of our highs so far this month below 70 degrees. In fact there has only been one day in the 80s.

The soaking rain didn’t help this weekend; the area receiving 0.75” to some parts over an inch. This kept the 60s in the forecast all weekend, and yesterday even in the 50s.

Here’s what the highs look like in June:

80s: 1 day

70s: 4 days

60s: 5 days

Now if this was April and May, we might be okay with it. The high temperatures are running at 69 degrees, 3.2 below average. Here’s a glimpse of what the average high temps look like since 2013:

2018: 69 degrees (-3.2°)

2017: 79.2 degrees (+7.0°)

2016: 75.7 degrees (+3.5°)

2015: 73.4 degrees (+1.2°)

2014: 73.0 degrees (+0.8°)

2013: 66.5 degrees (-5.7°)

2013 was a chilly start to the month. There was only three days in the 70s, six days in the 60s, and one day in the 50s! It could always be worse!

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