Cold Weather, Long Traditions at 2016 Brewers Home Opener

The weather for the 2016 Brewers home opener only gotten worse through the day with the wind picking up the snow falling in spurts.

But for many fans tailgating in the parking lot dealing with the weather is just a part of the tradition. These years of gross weather are seen as badges of honor - proving your commitment to the team.

In the second row of parking spaces in front of the Robin Yount statue an oversized Adirondack chair sits in the back of a pickup truck. It's labeled for the baseball holiday.

Dale Gierach and the crew from Noffke Roofing take pictures of fans who stumble over for the photo op before heading inside.

"In the morning you can see all the parking attendants, they say 'chair coming! chair coming!' And they kind of save the spot for us so we can get the background with the park in back," Gierach said.

"We have generations and they'll come back every year and the kids get bigger and bigger," Gierach said of the chair tradition started about six years ago.

Their tailgate neighbor is the Litz family who proudly showed off a Hank the Dog cake (repurposed from an unused Easter Bunny cake). 89-year-old matriarch Lorraine Litz said 2016 was her 42nd year heading in for opening day.

She also said she is happy - especially on days with weather like this - that Miller Park has a roof.

"It's a lot nicer inside. [at county stadium] we had a lot of snow, blizzard, rain - you name it, we had it. This is nothing. This is warm," Litz said.

"Oh of course we have to have brats and our beer. No, no, no, no whiskey," Litz said.

"Opening day brings us all together. We all love the Brewers. And we have our special players. And now we're having new ones, right?" Litz said.

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