Clue on Final Jeopardy! piques Bucks fans' curiosity

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Last night's Final Jeopardy! may have peaked the curiosity of Bucks fans. 

The category was African surnames, but it was a little more than that.

"Adetokumbo, the crown has returned from overseas, is fitting for the Adetokumbo family who left Nigeria for this country in 1991."

Ken Jennings called it a "sports clue in disguise." The answer: Greece! 

Yes, Adetokumbo was the family and original surname of Bucks superstar and MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. Only two contests make it to final and it was Reya Sehgal, who guessed correctly. 

Reigning champ Mattea Roach guessed incorrectly, but still won.

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